Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

If you have to be away from your pets, give yourself peace of mind by hiring a professional pet sitter. Your pet sitter comes to your pet's environment and carries on with your pet's daily routine and surroundings.

Comfort in the pet’s home

You’ve set the plans for your upcoming trip. Plane tickets? Purchased. Hotel room? Reserved. Excursions? Scheduled.

But before you can set sail on your next adventure, it’s important to make sure that you are leaving your pets in capable hands. With expenses ever rising on hotels, car rentals, and plane tickets it becomes increasingly tempting to cut costs where you can. So when your next-door neighbor, sibling, or even parent offers to watch your pets for you, why not?

Although our friends and loved ones mean the best when offering or agreeing to watch our pets, there are multiple benefits to hiring a professional pet sitter. In turn, we might consider boarding our pets. Boarding places tend to have the fancy suites, treats, and playtime. But, for some pets, removing them from the safety of their home could cause them emotional and physical trauma.

Familiar Environment for Your Pet

Keeping the first two options in mind, that leaves us with the option of hiring a Professional Pet Sitter. With a pet sitter, this allows your pet to stay in the comfort of your home while you are away giving them a sense of security in their familiar environment. Additionally, when hiring a professional pet sitter this gives you the benefit of:

  • Tailoring services to your specific needs. Just like ourselves, our pets can have particular requirements in their day-to-day routines. Allow your pet sitter to keep those routines uninerrupted.
  • Convenience. There is no need to transport your pet from place to place before trying to catch your flight.
  • Safety in the fact if your pet were to become ill, your pet sitter can take your pet to your requested veterinarian or animal ER with your permission.
  • Limited exposure to other pet’s illnesses. Because your pet will remain in their familiar environment and will not be sharing space with another pet, this will allow them to limit possible exposure to other animals.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your pet(s) and your home are safe and sound until you return. As well as the fact that your family and friends will not have to change up their schedules each time you leave for a trip.

Safety of Your Pet & Your Home

These benefits are worth the peace of mind that a pet sitter can provide your family. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “you get what you pay for” keep that in mind when considering hiring a professional pet sitter. When you hire a professional pet sitter you are paying for their:

  • Years of experience caring for pets.
  • Invested time in various trainings, certifications, and continued education.
  • Dedication to ensuring the safety of your pets and your home.

peace of mind

When looking for a professional pet sitter, be sure to request the opportunity for a “Meet and Greet”. This allows you the chance to make sure you and your pet(s) are comfortable with the pet sitter before taking a trip! When planning your next trip, consider hiring a professional pet sitter to help your peace of mind and your pet(s) while you are away from home.

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