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pet Sitting

Dog and Cat Sitting Services includes all the special love and cuddles your babies have come to expect.

Spending quality time with each pet along with energy crushing playtime, ample belly rubs, and plenty of backyard time is sure to bring an extra wag in your dogs’ tail.

We will also be sure to clean up after your pet, prepare food per your instructions, and refresh water bowls.  Other specialty services that we perform include:

  • Litter box care
  • Administering medication (including insulin shots)
  • Bring in mail/packages/newspapers
  • Water plants & flowers (indoors & some outdoors)
  • Alternate lights & rotate blinds
  • Take trash/recycling bins to the curb

And most importantly, we’ll send daily pictures with text updates and we’ll inform you of any additional needs you or your pet may have.


When To Call the Pet Sitter?

Dog and Cat Sitting Services are perfect for out-of-town travel and events that keep you away from your home for long periods of time. No need to stress or worry about the health and comfort of your pet, we have you covered!

If you will be traveling out of town and require pet sitting services, please note the following:

  • Minimum of 3 visits a day are required for dogs.
  • Minimum of 1 visit a day is required for cats.
  • Visits are charged by time, not by the number of pets. (See rates below)
  • Multiple visits per day allow you to mix and match the length of each visit, or they can all be the same.
  • Minimum visit requirements are while you are traveling and are to ensure your pet(s) safety and overall wellbeing.

Even if you are not traveling out of town, pet sitting services can also be used for long workdays or anything that keeps you away from your pets, like events, concerts, dinner, etc. 

Pet sitting visit(s) are great options in these situations, and we are happy to help. You choose the length of the visit(s) and we will be there!


If you need something that isn’t listed or that you would like tweaked, let us know!


Live In / In Home Overnight Stay

When you don’t want to board your babies at some pet hotel, consider the next best alternative for your pet care needs when you are not available. 

Overnight / Sleepover Services

Includes spending a lot of quality time with your pets, and lots of loving, cuddles, belly rubs, playtime, potty breaks, and backyard time.  We’ll also include 1 walk per day upon request.

Clean up & Medication

We always include clean-up after your pet, litter box care, prepping food per your instructions, and refreshing water bowls.  For animals that require medication, we will administer meds, including insulin shots.  

Home Care

Our services don’t just end with pet care, but while we are at your home, we’ll also bring in the mail, packages, and newspapers.  We’ll toss a little water on your indoor and outdoor plants and flowers, alternate lights, rotate blinds and take the trash & recycle bins out to the curb.  You might also catch us doing some light cleaning & vacuuming just to keep things nice and tidy.


Exclusive & Limited


Pet Nanny

Ideal if your pet requires special attention after surgery, senior pets that need a little extra care, puppies, or you may want them to have someone there for an extended period while you’re out and about.

House Sitting

No Pets?

Home services can be provided while you are away!

Headed on vacation?

We'll come by and water plants, run water, flush toilets, clean/dump pool skimmers, alternate lights and rotate blinds.

Expecting deliveries?

Don't waste a single minute worrying. We'll come by and collect mail, newspapers and bring in packages.

Slay your worries

We are on the job & will look after your home while you are away. Whether it is a short-term or long haul, you won't have to spend a single minute worrying about your home! Let us take care of things while you are away!

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Dog Walks

Why dog walks are important:

Dog walking is one of the best forms of exercise. It helps keep your dog healthy and can reduce boredom and anxiety. It also gives them a chance to get outside and experience all the sights, sounds, and smells that dogs need to have a healthy life. Your dog will get plenty of love and attention during our walks together!

What to expect from my visit:

During my visit, I will make sure your pet has plenty of fresh water, bring in any mail or packages, and if raining or extreme heat, I will shorten the walk and spend time with your pet indoors.

  • Single dog walks include up to two dogs.
  • For safety reasons, we have a limit of up to 2 dogs per walk.
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