Meet Ralphy: Chief Fluffy Officer (CFO)

Love At First Sight!

You know when they say, “It was love at first sight?” That’s what it felt like when I first saw Ralphy. We locked eyes and that was it. I met him while working at a Veterinary Clinic that partnered with Hurst Animal Shelter. He was already set to be adopted but by what I can only equate to fate, the couple who wanted Ralphy changed their mind. (Lucky me!)

From there on, I was now a team with my partner in crime. Ralphy is my CFO of Sweet Souls Pet Care. My Chief Fluffy Officer.

I named Ralphy after the movie “A Christmas Story”, be sure to watch it if you haven’t already! He is my snuggle buddy with a love for snacks. Every now and then he will take his dry kibble and hide bits and pieces around the house to snack on at a moment’s notice.

We Are On The Job!

My Sweet Soul, Chief Fluffy Officer (CFO) Ralphy, is also on the job! During Live In/In Home Overnight Stays, he helps to provide snuggles, light play, and comfort to your pets while I do the heavy work. He even dresses for the job!

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