5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for You and Your Dog

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Did you know that a lot of different date ideas can be done with your pet? What better way to show your affection than by making it memorable for both you and your pooch?

Spending some time with your dog can be one of the best things you can do, not only for your pet (extra love and attention?!  heck yeah!) but for you as well. Whether you focus on teaching your dog new tricks, going for long walks, cuddling on the couch binging your favorite shows, or doing some people-watching at the coffee house, there are plenty of Valentine’s Day date ideas to consider this year.

1. Head over to your local dog park

If your dog is social, arrange a play day with other doggie buddies at the local dog park.  Parks like the Tipps Canine Hollow Dog Park in North Richland Hills have all the amenities you and your pup need, such as separate areas for small and large dogs, wash stations for muddy February weather, and tons of shade for year-round play.

For our friends in the Keller area, check out K9 Pointe Dog Park on Bear Creek Parkway.  Here you may find unexpected treasures following their rock art trail!​

Dog Hike Adventure Walk

2. Go on an adventure hike

If you are really up for it, grab a collapsible water bowl, some treats, and a light jacket and head out for an adventure hike.  If your local town doesn’t have a suitable hiking trail, then find a lake or reservoir and turn it into a nature walk.  Something about the great outdoors and crisp winter air really gets the mojo going.  Play a game of fetch, sit down for a little picnic or just sniff every single plant and bush along the way.  You and your furbaby will both benefit from the fresh air and exercise.

3. Snag some grub at the corner cafe

Start your Valentine’s Day off with a steaming cup of coffee.  We like to head over to Roscoe’s Coffee House on North Tarrant Parkway in Keller where you and your pup will enjoy the great atmosphere, friendly service, and locally roasted coffee while you get in some good people watching!  If you would rather kick off with a quaint brunch in the North Richland Hills area, then drop into Sunny Street Cafe.  The staff is friendly, and you just may run into some of your doggie buddies too. If the weather is nice (as we often get lucky in North Texas in February) grab it to go and picnic at one of the local dark parks mentioned above.

Dog training on Valentine's Day

4. Learn something new

Maybe you have said “one day we’ll…” – well today is that day.  Take the time to try something new with your dog.  Whether it is a new trick or trying out an agility class together – it’s never too late to learn new behaviors that will enrich both you and your pet’s life.  Giving them both physical and mental stimulation is a gift that cannot go wrong!  Additionally, think of all that relationship-bonding experience you will be creating!

Binge watching tv with your dog

5. Binge and Cuddle

After a long day adventuring, the time might be just right to settle in on the couch with your furry baby and kick up some oldies but goodie classics and binge-watch the night away.  Because at the end of the day, what is truly any better than cuddling with your favorite fur-baby, wet noses, and warm paws and all? Valentine’s Day or not, doing any one (or all) of the activities with your dog will absolutely make them feel loved and special!

These Valentine ideas for you and your dog will help you create a meaningful day for you both. And you still have more time to come up with your own! Whether you want to explore a trail together, hang out at home or celebrate the day with a special treat, there are plenty of ideas to help you make it a special day.

What are you and your pets doing for Valentine’s Day?​

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